Rachel Morris
Rachel Morris

    Rachel Morris is living in South West London with her husband Oliver and their daughter Ruby.

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    Rachel is a freelance illustrator. Her passions are cooking up a feast and enjoying it with friends & family. And she is also partial to a cold cider on a sunny evening.

    She also loves Trollbeads and likes the way in which each person can bring their own meaning to their jewelry, making each collection so personal.

    Rachel Morris is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Little Acorns for the Traditional Sayings Collection.

    Rachel spends a lot of time walking in her beautiful local park, and that's where the inspiration for the Little Acorns bead came from.

    “I love the simple, elegant shape of the oak leaf and the promise and hope held in the acorn reminded me of the clear, unwritten future laid out in front of my daughter. A pretty uplifting thought!“


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