Aleksandra Kuczynska
Aleksandra Kuczynska
    Wide ranges of techniques, which can be applied to any material, reveal beautiful and unexpected faces of it. I love the design process. From the ideas to the final object, this is all a journey into technical challenges.
    The art of handcraft lies in the details. Precision and care is the key for me, when I create a unique piece.

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    Aleksandra Kuczynska is a glass artist and designer. Originally she comes from Poland, but recently she is based in Copenhagen. Aleksandra has had her own brand, Rondo Glass, since 2014. Here she introduces unique and handcrafted interior accessories, jewelry and art pieces. Diversified technical knowledge of crafts and experience as an artist, allow her to work in interdisciplinary design context, what she loves most.

    "In my design approach as a professional I follow values, which nowadays belongs to unique and luxury vision of product development. Everyone is a beautiful individual and my pieces are dedicated to all who appreciate this value in life. One of my designs for the Trollbeads collection is the Power Runners. This design is a symbol of the first step, initiation, which I see as the most important. It is also a symbol of becoming better in following our dreams. Simple and clear but always with a story within. That is how I make my work intriguing.''


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